Our History

The Michigan State University Unmanned Systems team was founded in 2012 by our current captain, Hanish Mehta. The team was originally founded as an aerial based unmanned systems group, aimed at filling the gap left in aeronautical sciences by Michigan State's engineering program. In the team's first two years, they competed at the SAE Aero Design Competition. The team was recognized for several achievements, including their almost entirely 3D-printed aircraft and their incredibly fast aircraft assembly time.

In their third year, the Unmanned Systems team took a break from competition, to focus on increasing membership, building skills, and increasing funding.

In 2016, the team competed at their first AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) competition, placing 14th out of 43 teams
Currently, the team is preparing for the 2017 SUAS competition.

The team currently consists of a wide variety of members from multiple countries and backgrounds. Our team includes members of the military, athletes, entrepreneurs, and business, computer science, and engineering majors.

Meet the Team

Our team varies between 30 and 40 engineering and business students. Here are some of those great people!


Stephen Blossor

Faculty Advisor


Hanish Mehta

Founder & CEO


Matthew Auvenshine



Zach Taylor

Coding Lead


Jordan Salvi

Coding Lead


Kevin Dolinar

Electrical Lead


Charlie Guidarini

Mechanical Lead


Yi Wei

Mechanical Team


Paul Schulman

Recruiting and Website

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